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Are marriages in the eastern community just a contract to have sex?


My answer, with full confidence, is – Yes! Because, in the societies that allow premarital sex one of the most common things observed is that people, especially women, take their time to get married and settled down. Even in some cases, people choose not to marry at all. But things are completely the opposite in eastern society where sex before marriage is forbidden.Here, women often marry in their early twenties and sometimes even earlier.

What I wish to point out here is that, if our daughters were granted sexual freedom they wouldn’t consider marriage at such a young age. But instinct and need for sexual gratification often lead them to leave their parent’s house and get married in the hope that it will bring them happiness in the form of sexual freedom. But soon they realize that they have just moved from one prison to another.

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A Creative Person

A creative person is one who dreams and dares to follow them. One who has suffered and overcome their suffering. They have risked without regrets and have failed, over and over again, just to get up and stand up on their feet. They have dared to disagree and have tried to make their own way. And those who believe otherwise are not living but merely existing.

Finding Our Humanity


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Dear Readers,

In my blog, I intend to present my personal views and opinions that at times might contradict certain religious teachings, especially about the affairs of women, including many other social matters that might not particularly agree with religion. So I would like to point out that the objective of this blog is not to fight against any religion and not to convince anyone to stay away from their faith because I firmly believe that each one of us is entitled to our belief system.

On the contrary, I would like to put forth the concerns that many people living in our community have, who choose not to accept certain aspects of life that religion might impose on them, and therefore are accused of blasphemy and corruption. I intend to show everyone that people of a single community can be diverse in their thoughts and beliefs and that diversity is healthy, that it is wrong for the society to force them to be any different than who they are and to discourage them from thinking differently.

In the end, accepting one another and respecting our differences is the highest act of humanity, because achieving that will automatically solve a lot of social problems, including the issues of women, and even help in the progress of society by eliminating religious conflicts that hold us back.

For everyone who believes in love and freedom rather than hatred and isolation, welcome 🙂